Navigating bipolar without medication: my story

Navigating bipolar without medication has been a long and challenging journey for me. When I first started to experience symptoms, I didn’t know how to cope or what was causing it. I’d go through weeks of extreme highs and then lows, unable to see a way out of the vicious cycle.

I decided to turn inward and find ways to manage my highs and lows on my own terms. First off, I limited my requests from friends and family so that I could focus my energy on myself. Connecting with myself in this way allowed me to listen and trust whatever gut feeling presented itself instead of worrying about making everyone around me happy.

Additionally, creating a routine was key for me in maintaining some semblance of control when my moods were fluctuating rapidly. Knowing what I had to do every day made me feel capable again even when things got tough.
I also began cultivating hobbies like writing and drawing as an outlet for my emotions; this is a really helpful way of expressing your feelings without letting them consume you. It’s so important to remember that no matter how isolated you may at times feel, there are people out there who care deeply about you and want to help you get better!

Overall, transitioning from medication-based management to natural management requires patience and discipline but has been an invaluable lesson in understanding myself on a deeper level. There have been rough days but ultimately learning how to ride the waves with greater respect has proven extremely rewarding!