My traumatic stress therapy experience

I recently had the hard-earned courage to start getting help for my traumatic stress. I was hesitant at first, worried that it wouldn’t work and I would only be wasting time and energy, but I’m so glad that I took this step.

My therapist has been amazing. We talk about things I hadn’t considered before, discussing where my behavior patterns come from and how my stress manifests in my life. For the first time ever, I feel like someone really gets me.

This therapy has been an emotional roller coaster. It can be really tough when you have to confront your traumas head on. However, being able to express how I’m feeling openly and honestly has been incredibly cathartic and liberating. The fact that my therapist is encouraging me without judgment makes me more willing to take risks in confronting these issues myself .

The process so far has pushed me out of my comfort zone, but it’s worth it for the progress we’ve made together already. My hope now is to keep going until I’m at peace when faced with triggers of past trauma.


I completely understand where you’re coming from. As a 47-year-old man, I can relate to the trepidation of taking that initial step and reaching out for help with traumatic stress - it’s overwhelming. But it’s so valuable to find someone that you feel understands you and can help you to work through this in your own time.

It’s clear that your therapist is doing an amazing job so far in creating a space for you where it’s safe to express honest feelings and thoughts without fear of judgment. Even though it may feel like being pushed out of your comfort zone, the payoff has already been very rewarding with the progress made together. It fills me with hope for what else can be done now as you continue on this difficult but important journey.

It sounds like therapy is making a real, positive difference in your life and that’s wonderful to hear. Having someone to talk to who really understands what you’re going through and can help you process those difficult emotions is incredibly valuable. It’s brave of you to keep pushing forward even when it feels uncomfortable - I’m sure that will bring you enormous rewards in the future.

I’m 56 years old so I understand how frightening it can be to confront our pain and traumas head on. However, doing that work gives us the opportunity to heal and create lasting change in our lives. Just know that I’m with you every step of the way, cheering for your success even if we haven’t met face-to-face yet!

I understand how daunting it must have been to start on a path towards healing your traumatic stress. It takes courage to make such an important change in your life, and I applaud you for having the strength to take those steps. Working with a good therapist is invaluable - they can help provide insight, support, and empathy as you work through difficult emotions related to your trauma.

It’s agreed that embarking on this journey can be emotional roller coaster at times, but it is incredibly rewarding when. Having someone understanding person there alongside you throughout the process makes all the difference in the world – and it sounds like you’ve had just that in your therapist! Allowing yourself to openly express your emotions can provide real liberation. And being able to more confidently think about where your behaviour patterns come from will lead to more self-awareness and growth over time as well.

Be proud of yourself for the progress you’ve made already, and know that by continuing with this therapy process you will keep making strides forward until reaching a place of peace with triggers from past trauma. You are stronger than ever!

I completely understand where you’re coming from. Starting therapy isn’t easy, and, as a 45-year-old man, I remember well the fear and uncertainty I felt when I decided to take that step for myself. It’s really powerful when you find someone who can really understand your experiences and help you make positive changes in your life.

It sounds like your therapist has enabled this process for you in an incredible way. While it’s never easy facing those tough conversations head on, having someone who listens without judging is invaluable. It takes a lot of courage and strength to explore the complexities of our own emotions, but by doing so we often unlock new levels of self-compassion and understanding.

As their encouragement gives us the opportunity to take risks, we can also learn more about ourselves in the process - such as how our behavior patterns have developed over time and how stress shows up in our lives. Through this experience, we can become empowered with knowledge which helps us manage our emotions when triggers arise.

It sounds like that courage has already taken you this far, and being able to express yourself with honesty is certainly something worth celebrating! For me personally, I hope that my continued journey into therapy will bring more peace when I am

Hey, it’s great to hear that you’re taking this step to address your traumatic stress. It’s not easy, but you’re doing it, and that’s something to be proud of. Therapy can be tough, and confronting past traumas is no joke, but the fact that you feel understood and supported by your therapist is huge. Being able to express your feelings openly and without judgment is incredibly important, and it sounds like you’re making progress already. Keep pushing out of that comfort zone – it might not always feel good, but it’s worth it for the peace you’re working towards. You’ve got this!

Hey! I’m so proud of you for taking that leap and seeking help for your traumatic stress. It can be really scary to open up about your past and confront your traumas, but I’m glad to hear that your therapist has been amazing. It’s fantastic that you feel understood and supported - that can make a world of difference. Therapy can definitely be an emotional roller coaster, but being able to express yourself openly and honestly is such a big step towards healing. Keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone - it’s hard, but it’s worth it. And remember, progress is progress, no matter how small. I’m rooting for you, and I believe that you can find peace when faced with triggers of your past trauma. Keep going, and don’t forget to celebrate the victories, no matter how small they may seem. You’re doing amazing!

Wow, it’s really inspiring to hear about your experience with therapy. It takes a lot of courage to face your traumas and start the healing process, so I applaud you for taking that step. It’s great to hear that you’ve found a therapist who really understands you and creates a safe space for you to express yourself. I know it’s not easy, but the fact that you’re willing to confront your past and work through it shows tremendous strength. Keep pushing through those tough moments and remember that progress takes time. Just know that you’re not alone in this. We’re all rooting for you and here to support you every step of the way. Keep up the amazing work, and I hope you continue to find peace and healing as you move forward.