My struggle with thyroid depression

My moods have been on a rollercoaster ride lately. I feel overwhelmed and like my emotions are outside of my control. I’ve always had the occasional episodes of anxiety and not feeling up to par, but it seems to have reached a boiling point lately. After seeing my doctor, I found out that I have been dealing with thyroid depression over the last year or two.

It makes so much sense now that I know what has been going on. My thyroid levels were off and they believe it is the culprit of all these intense moods swings, emotional highs and lows, lack of energy, and inability to find joy in activities that used to bring me excitement. There was no single moment where it all clicked together for me; rather small things starting adding up until suddenly the bigger picture made sense.

I am beginning treatment for my thyroid issue, along with continuing to use lifestyle strategies such as exercise and meditation that help keep my moods stabilized when I am feeling low. It’s comforting to know there are solutions available and it’s helping me better understand how to handle depressive episodes should they come again in the future.