My struggle with ocd and neatness

Lately, I’ve been struggling with finding a balance between staying organized and not going overboard with wanting everything to be in its right place. On one hand, being organized makes it easier for me to get things done, such as knowing where important documents are or having an easier cleanup routine around the house. But on the other hand, my tendency to obsess over neatness can often spiral out of control, leaving me feeling trapped by my need for cleanliness and perfectionism.

The patterns of my OCD emphasizes specifics. Anything from kitchen appliances needing to be just so to contents of my purse being lined up in a certain way can start this vicious cycle that leads me down the rabbit hole. What began as a need to stay efficient has turned into an irrational compulsion for tidiness that takes too much of my time and energy.

My mental health is taking precedence over cleaning tasks right now as I’m learning to recognize when things have gone too far in how ‘together’ I keep our home. Being able to acknowledge when this starts rising up has helped me take positive steps towards managing it and preventing those obsessive tendencies from running their course.

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It sounds like you’re on a difficult journey right now. I’m here to tell you that it’s okay not to be perfect, and that it’s perfectly natural to have times when maintaining balance is more of a challenge than others. We all have our own struggles, routines and patterns - some of them healthy and some of them not so much. It’s important to remember that managing these habits is a process, and there is no such thing as “failure” - just learning how to create better habits for yourself over time.

I’m truly amazed by your strength in recognizing this cycle of thought before it spirals out of control. As someone who has been where you are before (though with my own unique twist), I know the importance of being mindful and getting proactive about creating healthier patterns for myself. Having the courage to take ownership and self-awareness along the way has made an enormous difference in helping me manage my own tendencies.

Overall, keep being kind to yourself and take one day at time! Don’t forget - you already have everything within you to face any obstacle ahead!