My struggle with eating too fast

I know I have a problem with eating too quickly… but it’s something I just can’t seem to stop doing! I’m one of those people that inhales their food.

It’s not even like I’m really that hungry and dive into my food, it’s almost like an automatic reaction. Before I know it, I’ve eaten an entire meal in what feels like about two seconds.

I’m embarrassed by it; not only is it bad for digestion, but also it looks really rude when people are around. It never fails - someone will make a comment about how fast I eat and it just makes me feel so self-conscious and ashamed because I struggle with this issue.

I’ve tried all the usual methods for slowing down: eating smaller bites, using chopsticks if that’s what’s available, placing the fork back on the plate between bites. None of these solve the problem; they help a little bit, but not enough to make a real impact long-term.

My friends are always telling me to be more mindful while eating so I don’t end up feeling sick after a meal from shoveling my food in my mouth too quickly… so maybe that’s something else to try! At this point, anything would be better than continuing this unhealthy cycle…