My Struggle with Compulsive Negative Thinking

Lately, I’ve been struggling with my thoughts. The recurring negative thought patterns just won’t go away, and it’s been hard to stay upbeat and positive. It all started about two months ago when my anxiety levels began to skyrocket. I found myself obsessing over the worst case scenarios in every situation, which only made matters worse.

No matter how hard I tried to think positively, nothing seemed to work - every attempt at “positive self-talk” was met with a wall of doubt and anxiety. I was emotionally drained, and felt like my only option was to give in and surrender to the negative thinking loops that had taken over me.

However, when things got really tough, I started looking for ways out of this mental prison and began seeing a therapist to help me cope with my negative thinking. Through therapy, I have learned new techniques like mindfulness exercises, journaling and healthy reframing of equations - these strategies have not only helped me manage my thoughts better but also enabled me to reassess situations from a different perspective instead of developing panic attacks or ruminating around moments long after they have passed by.

I’m still learning how to completely undo the habit of negative thinking but slowly but surely I’m getting better at recognizing when these feelings bubble up within me – allowing me quicker response times in dealing with them positively rather than weighing them down with resistances or anxieties.

At the moment each day feels like an uphill battle however small victories bring hope - even being able acknowledge that there is something wrong is itself a victory — baby steps is another phrase that comes to mind!