My struggle with addicted to a person disorder

I’ve been struggling for a long time with something called dependent personality disorder. It’s a disorder where I have an extreme need to be taken care of and rely on someone else in every aspect of life.

I’ve come to realize through therapy that the underlying cause is rooted in a deep fear of being abandoned or left alone. It can take many forms, from me expecting people to take responsibility for my decisions to always needing their assurance before I do something. It’s caused some rifts in my relationships and pushed away those closest to me because they don’t understand why I can’t make decisions without them.

It has caused me to not trust many people, making it difficult to form genuine connections with them because I’m afraid of getting too close. By trying so hard not to let anyone get too close, though, I end up pushing away potential relationships altogether. Even when I do form a connection with someone, the thought that they will eventually leave or abandon me keeps coming back; almost like an echo that haunts me throughout my life.

It’s been really difficult learning how to cope with this disorder but having a supportive network of friends and family helps immensely. The most important thing is understanding that it’s ok to trust people even if you’re scared – that taking the chance could lead you to forming bonds like you’ve never experienced before. A few small steps every day have helped me move closer towards feeling like my old self again, and managing this disorder in healthier ways than ever before!