My story with depression

I don’t remember the exact moment I started to experience depression. It might have been when my family moved away, or it could’ve been when I had to change jobs. For a while, I managed to cope with it but eventually it just kept getting worse.

I felt like I was an empty shell, filled only with feelings of sadness and loneliness that followed me around everywhere. And no matter how hard I seemed to try, it wouldn’t go away. A persistent fog seemed to consume everything I did and everywhere I went; nothing felt truly joyous anymore.

It wasn’t until much later that a close friend suggested that what was happening may be something greater than regular stress or fatigue - it could possibly be depression. That’s when things started to look up for me, as soon as I looked into trying therapy and making lifestyle changes - such as exercising more regularly and sleeping better - the brighter lifefelt for me again. It has still been a journey of ups and downs over the past several years, but now those lows feel less daunting and more manageable.

These days, I feel fully capable of taking on life’s challenges head-on; hardships no longer seem overwhelming or unnecessary. With counseling as part of my recovery journey, along with spending time with loved ones, taking up hobbies and most importantly believing in myself - I have managed to turn my experiences with depression into fuel for success in other areas of my life.