My story of acute mental trauma

Sometimes when I reflect on my life, it’s amazing to think of how far I have come. As a young person, I experienced traumatic events at an early age which has had a lasting impact on my mental health ever since.

While the exact events trigger my struggles with mental health aren’t something I like to talk about in detail, the bruises and physical damage they caused remain with me as a reminder of what happened for many years and sometimes still do today.

My acute distress felt unbearable at times; every day was a struggle to make ends meet. My days were filled with dark thoughts that loomed in my head and created a constant sense of fear, which subsequently impacted my sleep. Even worse, this fear felt so real that it overwhelmed me to such an extent that it frequently kept me up at night and made functioning during the day nearly impossible. It drained all of my energy until finally one day sheer exhaustion forced me take action for myself.

After gathering the courage to reach out for help from those around me who care, life slowly improved each day due to their support Systems and channels along with professional assistance such as counseling. It took time but little by little I started to believe in myself again and eventually reaching out for help allowed me to gain insight into areas of my life I hadn’t been able to confront before. I also discovered activities such as meditation and yoga which enabled me discover peace within myself and taught me how to better cope with situations where anxiety usually prevails above reason or clarity of thought if left unchecked.

To those who might be going through similar experiences, I want you to know: you are not alone. Please take care of yourself by reaching out when needed - no matter how long recovery takes or whatever signals your body is sending you in response to traumatizing events, remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel even if it may seem too distant right now!