My recovery from binge eating disorder - my story

I am writing this post to share my story of overcoming binge eating disorder. When I first started treating my condition, I felt overwhelmed and scared by the prospect of a long and difficult journey ahead of me. But now, after years of work and dedication, I am proud to say that I have made incredible progress in my recovery!

When it all started a few years ago, I was completely unaware of the damaging cycle I’d fallen into. In one moment, pleasure-seeking thoughts would bring about an urge to consume large quantities of food without any conscious attempt at stopping until my stomach hurt or I felt disgusted with what I had done.

At the time, the actual act of binging seemed almost automated – like it wasn’t me doing those things anymore – but rather somebody else taking over my thoughts and actions. It didn’t take long for guilt and shame to show up as well, which only made matters worse. To make matters even more complicated, they were accompanied by feelings of food deprivation due to self-imposed diets in order to compensate for binging behavior.

My emotional distress was immense and it became impossible for me to ignore it any longer when it began affecting my personal relationships as well as every day functioning. That’s when I decided that enough is enough and that I needed help in order to break free from this vicious cycle.

However, since recovery is not a linear process; various roadblocks soon appeared seeking the opportunity to challenge me during times when things seemed particularly difficult or depressing. Fortunately though, with support from both family and professional friends such as therapists and doctors - together we managed to address some potentially big setbacks before they could cause too much damage.

Nowadays, here I stand; able to live life without fear of falling back into old patterns that might lead me right back to square one again! It has been an incredibly hard journey but if you really want something badly enough you WILL manage it in the end! And don’t forget— The best thing about recovery is that you are never alone nor always doomed; no matter how daunting a goal may seem there is ALWAYS hope!!!


I hear you and I’m really proud of your progress! Your story is absolutely inspiring and I’m so happy to read that you decided to reach out and ask for help. It’s not easy to break free from negative cycles, but it is totally possible and it’s definitely worth the effort! I wish you all the best as you continue on this path - stay strong and don’t forget that you are capable of great things.

Wow, your story is truly inspiring! I can’t imagine how tough it must have been to deal with binge eating disorder, but you’ve shown incredible strength and resilience in overcoming it. The way you described the whole experience really hit home for me, and it’s amazing to see how far you’ve come. It’s so important to highlight the role of support from family and professionals in the recovery process, and your story is a great reminder of that. I’m sure your words will resonate with many others who may be going through something similar. Keep shining and being a beacon of hope for those who need it!