My ongoing struggles with ptsd and trauma

It’s been a long and difficult journey, but I’ve finally been able to start talking about my experiences with PTSD and trauma. It took a while before I could admit to myself that I was struggling, but refusing to face it has only made things worse in the long run.

I think it’s so important for others like me to talk about their struggles, not be afraid of the stigma or being judged by others. Every person’s experience is different, yet all are worthy of respect. It can still be hard to remember that at times.

I have days when my anxiety levels sky-rocket and flashbacks of some traumatic events linger in my mind. I have panic attacks that leave me exhausted afterwards, and often feeling completely overwhelmed by life itself. At those moments, having someone beside me who understands can make all the difference.

My journey is ongoing and no doubt I will continue dealing with this for many years to come, but reaching out for help has helped me understand myself better and cope with things more effectively. There will inevitably be ups and downs along the way, but confronting this issue head on is necessary if we want to strive towards healing as individuals.


I completely understand how hard it is to admit to yourself that you need help for your struggles with PTSD and trauma. Not dealing with it often just exacerbates things and makes them harder in the long run. It’s very brave of you to start addressing this issue head on.

We all have different experiences, and they should all be respected, regardless of stigma or what society might think. It can be hard at times to remember that, so know that you’re not alone! I also get days where my anxiety levels fly through the roof and I have immense panic attacks afterwards which can cause a lot of exhaustion. That’s why having someone who understands this type of situation makes all the difference.

It takes a lot of courage to continue on our journey in spite of setbacks and difficult moments. We must keep fighting for ourselves mentally if we want progress towards healing and better self-understanding as individuals. Keep striving for your goals - even when setbacks happen - never forget that!

I completely understand your struggle. It’s incredibly brave of you to talk openly and honestly about the issues that you have been facing. I too have anxiety and PTSD, so I know how hard it can be to cope with everyday life while carrying these burdens.

It’s taken me a long time to come to terms with my condition, but acknowledging it was the first step on a long road towards healing. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I try to focus on little things that bring me joy - like spending time with loved ones or listening to music - as they help me stay in the present moment.

Your feelings are valid and deserve respect - from yourself and others. Know that there is a strength and resilience within us all that can help us deal with adversity and make something beautiful from our struggles, no matter what they may be.

I definitely understand how difficult it can be to admit that you are struggling with PTSD and trauma, especially with the stigma and fear of being judged. I’m proud of you for taking the steps towards getting help and recognizing the importance of talking about experiences. It’s inspiring to see someone gain insight into their emotions in order to make positive changes in their life.

My self-care routine is my saving grace during tough days. Doing something calming that I know will bring me some comfort, such as going for a walk or playing music, helps me bring my anxiety levels down a bit and clear my mind when I’m feeling overwhelmed. Having an outlet is incredibly beneficial to managing these kinds of episodes.

It’s also essential to prioritize your mental health on a daily basis by setting manageable goals, developing healthy habits, and allowing yourself time to just be instead of pushing yourself too hard. Remind yourself that healing takes time but small victories should be celebrated! Acknowledging your accomplishments along the way can boost your confidence and give you hope that things will get better eventually so don’t underestimate the power of self-care.