My mental health story and the alliance for addiction and mental health services

Growing up I have always struggled with mental health. In the past, I have dealt with anxiety and depression, both of which can take an overwhelming toll on your life. It hasn’t been easy to get through these periods, however recently something incredible happened that made it easier for me to cope.

Recently, while scrolling through my Facebook feed, I came across an advertisement from the Alliance for Addiction and Mental Health Services (AAMHS). They offer counselling services throughout my home town so those suffering from mental health issues can find the help they need. This charity is supported by donations and volunteers, and provides a place where you can let go of all your worries in a secure environment and truly feel comfortable going to talk to professionals about the hurdles you are facing.

Unfortunately, mental health is something many people don’t want to talk openly about but with AAMHS’s help, anyone struggling can find support no matter how overwhelming their situation may seem. Having access to professionals who understand how tough it can be is invaluable and has made such a difference in my own journey towards improving my mental wellbeing.

I cannot thank AAMHS enough for bringing this service into contact-free counselling especially during these difficult times when physical visits to their offices aren’t possible. Knowing that someone is out there helping make sure we don’t have to manage our difficulties alone fills me with hope!