My mental health obsessions and compulsions

My mental health obsessions and compulsions can be incredibly exhausting. I often find myself worrying about things that seem insignificant or unimaginable to others. Things like a fear of death, politicians, the state of the world, and germs are all too real for me.

I often obsess over things and feel compelled to act in certain ways that alleviate my anxiety. For example, I may encounter an irrational fear about something and start repeating it over and over in my head until I find a way to deal with it. Other times, I find myself carrying out actions intended to prevent some perceived risk even though they make little sense or no difference at all.

It’s not easy living with these mental health issues. My brain is constantly in overdrive as I try to make sense of the thoughts running through my head and how best to manage them. But slowly but surely, I’m learning new ways of coping that help me refocus on more important priorities like self-care and cultivating healthy relationships with others.