My mental health journey with cci depression

I’ve had to manage my mental health for a long time now. My journey with CCI depression started when I was in my late twenties and it has been a challenge ever since.

At first, I found it difficult to even recognize how depressed I actually was, until gradually more and more of the signs became impossible to ignore. It was hard trying to navigate this strange new world of dealing with mental health issues and feeling like I wasn’t sure what direction to head in next.

Fortunately, I eventually received an accurate diagnosis which helped me understand why I was feeling so low and anxious all of the time. This allowed me to work through the workbook that came along as part of the treatment plan and start implementing better coping mechanisms into my daily life.

It’s still a struggle sometimes but there have been significant improvements over the years as I continue to learn about myself and use those strategies when needed. Being able to identify what moods I may be feeling or understanding why certain things may trigger me has been immensely helpful in managing my mental health and working towards leading a happy and balanced life overall.