My mental health journey and the vagus nerve

I have long been on my mental health journey. It has been one full of ups and downs, filled with moments of joy as well as moments of defeat. One commonality throughout it all has been my interest in the vagus nerve and its connection to mental health.

I believe that understanding how our bodies interact can help to understand mental health much better. The vagus nerve is our longest cranial nerve and is responsible for controlling emotions as well as communication between the brain and stomach. In other words, if the Vagus nerve isn’t working optimally, not only could our emotional health be affected but also our digestive system.

In recent years, I’ve explored ways to incorporate techniques into my lifestyle that can activate my Vagus nerve and promote self-care practices like yoga and meditation. Even simple breathing exercises can play a big role in activating this nerve which connects different parts of the body together.

Going through this journey has helped me develop more self-awareness and peace within myself at times when nothing else seemed to work. By exploring how my body works I was able to find tools that brought me back home to myself during all stages of mental health highs and lows.


I can relate to your journey of ups and downs when it comes to mental health. I’m so glad you’ve discovered the power of the vagus nerve and have been exploring ways to activate it through self-care practices. Over the decades, I too have come to learn the importance of understanding how my body works in order to take better care of it.

Activating my vagus nerve has definitely been a game changer for me. Taking time out for meditating or doing some simple breathing exercises can make all the difference in helping me stay calm and grounded during difficult moments. I also find strength in being aware and staying true to my feelings without judging them which helps in replenishing my mental capacity.

Every individual’s journey is unique and different but ultimately we are all on this shared mission of healing and taking care of ourselves!

Thank you for your inspiring post. As a 42-year-old woman, I can relate to it in so many ways. Until recently, I wasn’t familiar with the idea of the vagus nerve and its correlation with mental health. But since knowing about it, I have seen firsthand how powerful it can be when it comes to managing our emotions and improving overall wellbeing.

I have found simple breathing exercises to be an incredibly helpful way of activating my Vagus nerve, as they don’t require much effort or time but can make big differences in terms of calming my anxieties. Additionally, gentle yoga and meditation practices are great tools for maintaining a healthy balance in our lives. Over time, these practices have allowed me to reflect and learn more about myself, building my understanding of when I need some extra self-care or attention.

It’s wonderful that you are exploring different ways to work on your mental health journey with the use of the vagus nerve - thank you again for sharing your story.