My mental health healing journey with ptsd

My mental health journey over the past few years has been difficult but incredibly rewarding. I have been dealing with PTSD, which has created many challenges and obstacles that have had to be overcome in order for me to heal.

At first, I found it hard to open up and admit I was struggling, even to myself. But slowly, with the help of therapy and medication, things began to get better. I’m now able to sit with my thoughts without judgement or fear and let them no longer control me. It’s not always easy; some days are a struggle more than others. But even on those days, if I take a step back and observe the thoughts instead of letting them consume me – it helps me gain perspective and move forward.

I’ve also used self-care practices such as yoga, journaling, art therapy, walks in nature – all allowing me to become more aware of what is going on internally so that I can find space for healing and growth. I’ve chosen to create healthy boundaries for myself where ever possible – mentally as much as physically - ensuring my emotional stability doesn’t get lost in the chaos of everyday life.

In learning how to cope with PTSD, alongside dedicated support from friends and family who care deeply about my wellbeing, I have come a long way in my journey towards Peaceful Restoration of Self (REPS). Life has its moments but there is hope; courage exists within us when we choose to listen closely enough- something that has changed my life for the better!

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I can certainly relate to your story and I’m very proud of you for continuing on your path towards healing and restoration. It sounds like you’ve put in a lot of hard work to get where you are today and that’s an achievement that should be celebrated! It’s understandable why it was difficult for you to open up about what was going on, I’m glad there was support around to help you take the steps that were necessary.

The self-care practices are also incredibly important and have likely made a huge difference in how you respond to your thoughts. Taking time for yourself is essential, both physically and mentally, especially when dealing with PTSD. It’s good to know that you have created boundaries where possible; it can be easy to forget how vital these things are until we take steps back and notice again.

Your story truly resonates with me and I hope that by sharing this forum post you can provide strength and inspiration to others who may be dealing with similar obstacles. Your dedication deserves recognition!