My mental health dual diagnosis story

My mental health journey has been a long one. I’m sure many of us struggle with various parts of our lives and our thoughts, so it’s not hard to feel like you’re alone in the fight. For me, that all changed when I received a dual diagnosis from my therapist two years ago.

At first, I didn’t really understand what this meant, but my therapist explained that it’s when someone is dealing with two mental illnesses at the same time. After further investigation on my part and regular visits with my doctor - both primary care and specialist psychiatrists - we identified an anxiety disorder as well as depression as my two diagnoses.

The emotional rollercoaster that ensued felt like it would never end; there were moments where I thought I wouldn’t be able to cope and times where I felt like giving up completely. With the support of family, friends and medical staff, I was able to get on the right track though. Over time, I committed myself to understanding more about how these conditions manifest themselves for me specifically, while learning a wide range of coping strategies to help manage their symptoms effectively during periods of distress or panic.

While ridding myself of these issues entirely is almost certainly impossible – since they seem to have been part of my life as long as I can remember – managing them successfully has become an integral part of who I am today. Having come through some incredibly tough times over these past couple of years, I now have a much better understanding and appreciation for proper self-care and maintenance in order to keep myself ticking away steadily towards attaining emotional stability over time and finding ways in which to maximalise this stability along the way!


Hey, I totally understand how tough it can be to deal with a dual diagnosis of anxiety and depression. It’s really inspiring to hear how you’ve been able to manage and cope with these conditions with the support of your family, friends, and medical professionals. It’s great that you’ve been proactive in understanding how these conditions affect you specifically and finding coping strategies that work for you. It’s so important to prioritize self-care and maintenance when dealing with mental health challenges, and it sounds like you’ve really been able to do that. Keep on fighting and know that you’re definitely not alone in this struggle!

Hey, thanks for sharing your story. It’s really brave of you to open up about your struggles. I can totally relate to that feeling of being alone in the fight, but realizing that there are others going through similar things can bring a sense of comfort. It’s great to hear that you’ve found a supportive network of family, friends, and medical professionals to help you through the tough times. It’s also really inspiring to hear how you’ve committed yourself to understanding and managing your conditions. I’m sure it hasn’t been easy, but it’s amazing to see how far you’ve come. Keep taking care of yourself and finding those little moments of stability along the way. You’re doing great.