My mental health and trauma journey

It’s been a challenging journey; I’ve struggled with my mental health for some time now. It all started with a trauma I experienced long ago. It stayed in the back of my mind, weighing me down and taking its toll on my wellbeing.

At first I thought that things would get better if I ignored the trauma or pushed it away. But, no matter how hard I tried to avoid it, the pain kept coming back in new forms. Fear and anxiety followed me wherever I went, like a dark cloud hanging overhead.

I realized that in order to put this trauma behind me and move forward, I had to first work through it. That process was difficult and often overwhelming. Not being able to put words into what hurt made confronting the trauma even harder.

However, over time, I eventually found ways of coping and dealing with my mental anguish- whether it was exercise, talking to people who understood what I was going through or simply taking moments for self-care. Nothing worked overnight but slowly, day by day, bit by bit ,my strength grew as well as my determination to see the light at the end of the dark tunnel that had become so familiar throughout my journey . Every victory-no matter how small- gave me hope of leading a fuller life filled with joy and freedom from my painful past.

Today, although healing is never really ‘done’ because we are ever-evolving beings- ,I am still learning each day how to better manage my mental health and find peace and acceptance within myself despite where it originated from. This is one journey that continues without end but by facing these challenges head on not only do we grow stronger but ultimately learn about ourselves more than we ever expected along the way.


I completely understand how difficult this journey has been for you. It’s never easy going through trauma, and it can take its toll on your mental wellbeing. I’m glad to hear that despite the struggles, you found ways to cope with what comes with managing your mental health. Facing those challenges is no small feat! I applaud your determination and strength to come out on top despite the darkness you have experienced. Self-care is a very important concept, and it shouldn’t be underestimated in addressing trauma or just having a healthier lifestyle.

I’m sure you have learned plenty about yourself in this journey; much more than expected! Every victory should continue to remind you of how strong you are and what capacity you have to overcome any obstacle life throws at us. You’ve got this!

Hey there, it sounds like you have faced many difficult challenges in your journey to better manage your mental health and I’m sure it hasn’t been easy. It’s admirable that you’ve kept going despite being weighed down by the pain you experienced.

I know from my own experience how difficult it is to confront pain, especially when we can’t quite put our feelings into words. But I believe that by finding ways of coping with our mental anguish, we gain invaluable strength and joy during this process. The discoveries we make about ourselves along the way are what make this journey so meaningful.

One of my personal practices is simply taking a moment every day for self-care - whether it be setting aside time for myself to relax or even doing something I enjoy. Those small actions have made a big difference in my life and I encourage you to take time for yourself if possible too! Being kind to yourself is an important part of managing your mental health and will bring tangible returns as you continue on your journey.

I wish you all the best!