My mental health and ptsd

I have been struggling with my mental health recently, especially with PTSD. It’s been scary and overwhelming at times and it’s made me doubt my ability to cope with life. I feel like a completely different person from who I used to be, someone who was able to handle life’s toughest challenges.

Even though things seem really tough right now, I know that things can get better if I focus on taking the necessary steps towards healing. Taking care of myself is key - eating nutritious meals, exercising regularly and having lots of self-care days make a big difference in improving my mental health. I also go to regular therapy sessions which helps me manage my PTSD triggers.

It’s hard facing this mental health issue but it doesn’t mean that I’ve lost any of the strength or courage that I had before this journey began - they’re all still inside me, just waiting for an opportunity to show themselves again.

I’m slowly stepping out of the clouds and believing in the brighter future ahead, one where I no longer have to be afraid of my own mind and its traumas!


Hey there,

I understand what it’s like to struggle with mental health problems, especially PTSD. It can be overwhelming and terrifying at times, and it can make us feel like we’re a completely different person from who we used to be.

It’s important that we take the necessary steps each day in order to heal and become our best selves. Taking care of ourselves by getting enough rest, exercising regularly and utilizing self-care days goes a long way towards improving our mental health. Therapy is also a great source of support and guidance on this journey.

Just remember that throughout all of this, you are still strong and courageous - those characteristics are still within you even though life is challenging right now. It may not seem evident but I know that taking small steps can lead to big changes over time. So don’t give up on yourself, keep believing in yourself, and keep pushing through towards a brighter future ahead where you don’t have to fear your own mind!

Hey there. I can really relate to what you’re going through. It’s tough facing mental health issues, especially ones that have been keeping us from being our true selves. I’m glad you’re taking the steps towards healing and working on improving your mental health - that makes a huge difference.

I understand how it can feel like everything has changed and like a completely different person is taking over, but just remember that all of your strength and courage are still there inside of you, also waiting for you to recover from this difficult period. Slow and steady growth will eventually lead to something great coming out of this experience!

Take care of yourself and keep up with the self-care days. Your mental wellbeing is worth investing time into. :hugs:

Hi there,

I can relate to how difficult it’s been feeling differently and questioning yourself. Mental health is an incredibly challenging thing to deal with, especially when it’s been triggered by something like PTSD. It can be overwhelming and scary, but I want you to know that you’re not alone.

I also have faced mental health issues before and the biggest thing that helped me was focusing on taking care of myself in all aspects, as you mentioned. Making sure I eat nutritious meals, exercise regularly and take time for self-care really made a difference for my own wellness journey. I knew I couldn’t just forget or ignore my mental health issue - instead I had to actively work on it by staying proactive with managing my triggers.

It’s tough facing this journey, but don’t let these challenges harden your heart or destroy your courage - they will continue being part of who you are even after facing and coming out stronger from this experience. Life can be unpredictable and wrestling with our minds control over us frighteningly uncomfortable at times so having moments of believing in a brighter future is completely valid! Keep going and remember that even when the clouds feel overwhelming, there will always be sunshine ahead!

I hear you - it can be so overwhelming and scary when dealing with PTSD. I can totally relate, as I have also experienced bouts of mental health issues, although not as severe as yours. It’s important to remember that life can get better if we focus on taking the necessary steps towards healing. Staying positive and resilient is essential for improving one’s mental health.

It helps to speak with a therapist to learn various techniques in managing triggers and keeping your mental health stable. Similarly, self-care is incredibly important for stability too - be sure to take breaks and focus on physical activities, nutritious meals, and other fun activities that bring you joy! Doing so will help re-establish the strength you had before this began, even if it takes longer than expected.

Know that whatever journey you’re walking now is much appreciated, even if it does not feel like it right now. Believe in yourself; believe that brighter days lie ahead of you – ones where you will no longer feel crippled because of PTSD. Best of luck in finding what works for you!

Hey there,
I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been struggling with your mental health and especially with PTSD. It can be so overwhelming and it’s completely understandable why you would feel different than before.

It’s so important to find ways to take care of yourself through this journey, such as eating well, exercising and taking time out for self-care days. Professional therapy is also extremely helpful in providing guidance on how to manage triggers - I’m glad you have that available!

Remember, even though things are tough right now, don’t underestimate the strength and courage you possess - they’re still within you! It takes courage to face this issue of mental health head-on and I admire that you’re taking steps towards healing. A brighter future awaits - remember that as we work together in getting through this challenge.