My mental health and ptsd symptoms

I’ve been struggling with my mental health lately, and particularly with my PTSD symptoms. I’m losing sleep and having intrusive thoughts that make it difficult for me to focus on anything else. My moods are fluctuating rapidly, leading to times of high anxiety or unexpected outbursts of emotion.

It helps when I take some time to relax, but carving out that space for myself has often been a challenge lately. Even when I find moments here and there, the intrusive thoughts still cloud my head and prevent me from escaping them regardless of how hard I try. It doesn’t feel like there’s an end in sight or any way to “fix things” overnight.

So I commit each day to just trying my best, in whatever small shape or form that comes in – mostly, just making sure I don’t become too overwhelmed by everything going on around me. Acknowledging the fact that healing takes time is something that has helped ground me and remains at the forefront of my mind whenever I start feeling overwhelmed again.