My mental health and behavioral health addiction story

I’m writing this post to share my mental health and behavioral health addiction story. I want people to know that they’re not alone in dealing with the struggles I face every day.

As a young person, I was always anxious and nervous about being around other people. I wasn’t comfortable talking to anyone I didn’t know, so when I had the chance I would retreat into my shell. But these habits started to affect other aspects of my life; it started preventing me from going out and gradually making me withdraw from people, leading me down a dark path.

Growing up, I began self-medicating to deal with the overwhelming anxiety and feelings of inadequacy that plagued me daily – drinking heavily or taking medications to try and forget about everything going on in my life. But these actions only made things worse and ultimately led me down a road of substance abuse. Despite trying various treatments like group therapy, individual counseling, and medication management, nothing seemed to work for long – until one day when something clicked inside of me: if I wanted life worth living, no more running away could happen.

I’m now taking small steps towards getting better each day, by learning how to manage my emotions better without having to resort back to substance abuse as an escape route. It’s been tough learning how to trust people again after so much toxicity in my life but it is possible with patience and hard work! Everyday is a new journey that gets a bit easier as each moment passes - some days are still really hard but that’s ok too. You will never believe what strength you can find within yourself once you embrace yourself for who you are rather than hiding from those feelings any longer!