My mental health and addictions journey in new glasgow

Living in New Glasgow for the past couple of years has been an emotional rollercoaster. After facing some major losses in my life, I found myself struggling to cope and started turning to addiction as a means of escape. This began with recreational drugs but eventuated into a serious battle with alcohol.

In the depths of my addiction I was too embarrassed to get help and believed that no one understood what I was going through. Eventually, however, I realized that taking action was the only way to break this cycle. The first step was reaching out for professional help which enabled me to start addressing the underlying issues contributing to my addiction. Through counselling and taking medication where needed, I am finally starting to gain control over my mental health and get on top of my cravings.

Nowadays, meditation helps me stay grounded during tough times, while family and friends give me so much love and support along this journey. They remind me that there is always hope after despair and that I am strong enough overcome anything standing in the way of my happiness