My life with ptsd: healthcare worker

Living with PTSD is a daily challenge, but I’m so thankful for the amazing support network of people in my life that make it possible. As a healthcare worker, I’ve seen people deal with far greater hardships than I have, and this reminds me to stay strong and be grateful for what I have.

I experience waves of fear, anxiety, guilt, and depression from time to time. During those moments it’s difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but then something changes - a conversation with my therapist or a kind word from a friend helps put everything back into perspective.

It’s not easy living with PTSD but I know there are always ways that I can cope. My biggest source of strength is being able to lean on my friends during my weakest moments. They give me the motivation and encouragement to get back up and keep pushing forward. A regular exercise routine has also made a huge difference in managing my symptoms more effectively.

Being positive about living with PTSD isn’t always possible, but surrounding myself with those who care can make all the difference in how I’m able to cope with whatever comes my way. Knowing that people care makes me feel less alone on this journey.