My journey with sertraline and bipolar disorder

It’s been a long and winding road dealing with my mental health and learning to manage a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. I started taking sertraline at the beginning of this journey and it has been an integral part of managing my mood swings. It’s not been an easy ride by any means but I am doing so much better since beginning my treatment with this medication.

At first, I experienced some pretty intense side effects from the sertraline, like nausea and headaches, that made me want to give up on it completely. But thankfully when I talked to my psychiatrist, he assured me these feelings were normal and that they should subside in time. Sure enough, after about 4 weeks into taking sertraline, I started feeling more like myself again! That same sense of clarity was back in my life.

Since being on sertraline, I have noticed a significant decrease in manic episodes and depressive episodes too. While there are still days where my mood isn’t quite right or when things feel tougher than usual, having the support of sertraline to help regulate my emotions has made all the difference for me. As someone living with bipolar disorder, take it from me: make sure you talk to your doctor about any medications you may need to be on- this could end up becoming a crucial part of your ability to create a stable mental state for yourself!