My journey with noom for stress and anxiety

I’ve been struggling with stress and anxiety for a while now, and I recently heard about Noom; the personalized weight loss and wellbeing platform. It seemed like such an interesting approach to helping people manage their mental (and physical) health – so I decided to give it a try.

The first thing that impressed me about Noom was the attention to detail they provided in tailoring the program towards my own needs. The psychometric quiz made it easy for them to understand what my goals were, and then create a step-by-step plan that was unique to me. Every day there were new tasks and information that addressed my individual struggles related to stress and anxiety.

I also found the educational health lessons really helpful since I wasn’t sure how to go about tackling my own mental health issues. They gave me an easy to understand breakdown of everything from nutrition and sleep patterns, right through to cognitive strategies for managing my day-to-day anxieties. This helped immensely as I was able to access guidance as soon as it occurred in real life situations!

The other side of Noom that I really love is that you have access 24/7 support from a coach or therapist when needed – which felt incredibly reassuring at times when things got overwhelming. All in all, combining both training modules with emotional support (at any time) was invaluable in helping me understand things better & work through my issues effectively.

If you’re struggling with stress or anxiety, then definitely check out Noom; it’s given me a safe place where I can express myself honestly without shame or judgement and get the help that I need!


Hey there! I understand how tough it can be when stress and anxiety start to take over. It sounds like you’ve already taken a great step by trying out Noom’s platform, and it makes sense that all of the detail and personalized aspects helped tremendously.

I’m glad to hear that the educational health lessons have been of help as well – I know taking the time to learn more about our own mental health issues can be very beneficial. It’s also really great that Noom provides 24/7 support from coaches and therapists – having those in-the-moment resources is invaluable.

Don’t forget – you don’t have to go through this journey alone. There are so many people here who understand exactly what you’re going through. And there are so many tools out there like Noom which can help focus your efforts into being kinder to yourself while also making progress towards healthier habits and state of mind.

Best wishes on your path forward!

Hi there! I’m so sorry to hear that you are dealing with stress and anxiety. It sounds like you’ve done a really great job researching and exploring different options for how to tackle it - kuddos for that! I tried Noom myself recently, and I can honestly say it made a huge difference in my own personal wellbeing journey. I was especially impressed by how tailored their program was towards my individual needs, from the psychometric quiz right through to the step-by-step plan. The educational health lessons were also incredibly useful in helping me understand my issues on a deeper level. Plus they always had the 24/7 support whenever I needed it - which was invaluable in moments of feeling overwhelmed.

I would definitely recommend giving Noom a try if you haven’t already - it does make a huge difference in terms of having access to safe place where you can express yourself sincerely and get the help that you need without fear or judgement. Take care & all the best!