My journey to finding the best eating disorder treatment centers

My battle with an eating disorder has been a long journey – one full of ups and downs. It’s been difficult enough to deal with the extreme emotions and thoughts that come with this type of mental illness, but the search for treatment can be extremely daunting as well. Having looked at countless different eating disorder treatment centers, though, I’m happy to say I’ve finally found the one that’s right for me.

When looking for an eating disorder treatment center, my first step was researching prospective facilities online and reading up on their different offerings. If something sounded promising, I then started digging deeper – reading reviews, talking to current and former patients, seeking out professionals in the field, etc. I wanted to make sure whatever program I signed up for had top-notch care that could work around my individualized needs.

Next came taking a look at any requirements potential treatment centers had in order to join/participate in their programs. This included things like insurance coverage compatibility (if needed) and any paperwork that would need to be completed prior to starting therapy. Keeping organized with all the information provided made it much easier in finding my perfect match!

The third step of my search focused on discovering a safe space – both emotionally and physically. In addition to making sure whichever program I chose was accredited from multiple health professional organizations, my priorities included quality support systems from medical professionals who specialize in treating individuals with eating disorders; art/music therapy services; group workshops; aftercare services; family therapy; nutrition counseling; and much more! All these elements made finding the best fit much easier.

So there you have it – after researching for months between numerous eating disorder treatments options available across the country, I am confident about moving forward with what feels like a perfect fit for me on my journey towards recovery!