My experience with trauma related mental illness

When I was younger, I felt like something was wrong. I started having sporadic mood swings and outbursts of emotions that were totally out of character for me. Little did I know at the time – these symptoms were related to unresolved trauma from my past.

Although it’s been a long road, eventually I sought out therapy and got diagnosed with a trauma-related mental illness. This diagnosis changed my life—not only because it validated how I had been feeling, but also because it provided an understanding of why this journey has been so full of hurt, confusion, and turbulence.

Treating my disorder has been an uphill battle. Through medication and different forms of therapy, though, I’ve learned how to cope with my traumas in a healthy way and recognize the triggers that can set off any number of intense emotions. Knowing when and how to ask for help was also huge for me—I realized that no matter what’s going on in my brain or body, reaching out is worth it; the support is just too valuable to go without.

It hasn’t been easy facing up to my illness but over time by continuing to practice self-care everyday, do what works best for me personally and listen to professionals - I have created coping mechanisms that are unique to me which now allow me to approach even the toughest days with grace.