My early childhood trauma and mental illness

My childhood wasn’t easy. I faced a lot of trauma which severely affected my mental health. I was in and out of therapy ever since I was first diagnosed with depression at the age of 14.

I often felt isolated from my peers and withdrew into myself, sometimes for days at a time. It felt like no one truly understood what it was like to feel so deeply insecure and trapped in your own mind. Most of all, I didn’t want anyone to find out about my struggles for fear that they would judge me or think less of me.

Living with mental illness can be extremely difficult, but it doesn’t have to mean that life is over. As debilitating as it can feel sometimes, there is help available and you are not alone even if you don’t always feel that way.

It took me several years (and a lot of self-discovery) to realize that my experiences didn’t define me and that they were only a small part of this vast world. Looking back on things now, I know it really wasn’t as bad as I thought back then but still harder than most people who weren’t going through something similar could understand or imagine.

One thing is certain: being honest about your experiences is the greatest step towards accepting yourself and finding peace in life, mindfulness has certainly helped me get through tough times and maybe its something you should consider!