My dual disorder treatment story

I recently faced a period of difficulty with both my mental and physical health, which ended up being diagnosed as dual disorder. This wasn’t a fun time for me, frankly it was pretty terrifying and it felt more than a bit overwhelming. After doing some research online, I decided to talk to my doctor and begin working towards finding a treatment plan that would help me turn things around.

The first step was getting properly diagnosed by my doctor. While talking to them about the situation I had been in, they recommended that I get evaluated for dual disorder in order to properly address both aspects of my health. This was an important step for me because I wanted to make sure that I got the best help possible for my condition.

Afterward, I began formulating a comprehensive treatment plan with both my medical team and mental health experts involved. We discussed medication that could help me manage physical pain, as well as therapy sessions where I could discuss and tackle any emotional aspects of the condition in addition to examining how outside lifestyle contributors like stress and diet were affecting me.

My journey is still ongoing but I have seen substantial progress over this time period since establishing the treatment plan outlined above. It’s been hard work but I’m determined to continue on this path so that I can achieve the best possible outcome for myself moving forward!