My critical ptsd story

I don’t know where to start and maybe that’s the hardest part. I’ve been living with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) for far too long without knowing it had a name.

My struggles have come faster and more frequently every year. I never realized just how hard the trauma I experienced would affect me. It has taken its toll on my relationships, my job, and my overall zest for life — something I thought was gone forever.

Though I have not received any clinical diagnosis, many doctors and therapists alike can recognize my symptoms as those of C-PTSD, especially given all that I’ve been through in the past. Symptoms like emotional reactivity, difficulty maintaining healthy relationships, sleep issues and hyperarousal are all too common for me these days.

Though no treatment is necessarily easy or straightforward with C-PTSD, there are some things that have helped me in dealing with the pain of this disorder: reaching out to friends who understand what it feels like to grapple with mental health conditions; learning mindfulness techniques; engaging in creative activities like art and writing; surrounding myself with positive self-talk instead of negative; seeking therapy when needed; most importantly, showing compassion for myself first and foremost has been a definite game changer.

My journey recovering from C-PTSD won’t be an easy one but I’m ready to confront it head on so that I can step into a beautiful version of life free from PTSD’s ravages once again.

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Hi there!

I can relate to your struggles with C-PTSD. It can be difficult to feel the effects of trauma without meaning to, or realizing why it’s happening. I’m sorry you have been having difficulties managing your relationships, job, and overall zest for life.

It’s good that you are seeking help and support from friends and medical professionals alike in addressing the symptoms that come along with a C-PTSD diagnosis. Mindfulness techniques, creative activities, positive self-talk and therapy are great tools when battling this disorder. Regardless of what anyone else says, make sure to prioritize taking care of yourself first and foremost – that always has been a crucial aspect of my personal recovery process.

Your journey may not be easy but it will be worth it; I believe in your capability to step out and become a beautiful version of yourself free from the pain associated with C-PTSD. You’re doing an incredible job in reaching out for help. Wishing the best for you on this emotional roller coaster journey steadied by self-love and compassion for yourself!