My bipolar condition and me

Living with bipolar disorder has been a roller coaster ride for me. There are days that are filled with emotional and physical highs and then there are the crashing lows. It can be overwhelming to try and make sense of my feelings on those hard days. Thankfully, I have found ways to manage my condition and learn to live better with it.

I take medication regularly, practice self-care rituals, see a therapist when I need to talk things out, keep up with my daily journaling ritual, and try to take breaks when I’m feeling overwhelmed or drained from it all. All these things help me stay grounded during difficult times and remind me that taking care of myself is important even when it’s hard.

Most days I’m able to come out on top but the bigger challenge has been dealing with the stigma around mental health issues like mine. People don’t understand how hard it can be living with this condition nor do they always see past the diagnosis and realize that I’m more than just what people label me as. So everyday I try to remember that this is only part of who I am but not all of who I am and strive towards becoming the best version of myself possible!