My battle with diana's eating disorder

I’ve always been an outgoing and energetic person. But recently things have changed for me. I’m struggling with something I never expected: Diana’s eating disorder.

It wasn’t long before I realized that the way Diana was eating wasn’t healthy, so I tried everything I could to get her to stop. From encouraging healthier meals to starting an exercise routine with her – nothing seemed to work.

At first, it really caused tension in our relationship as she refused to address the issue or even acknowledge it. We grew further apart and it was heartbreaking to witness her spiral out of control over time.

Eventually, when we started talking about getting professional help, we were both able to make progress together. Through therapy sessions and support groups, Diana began learning more about her illness and how she could start to manage it better.

It has been a long journey that hasn’t been easy by any means but through small steps, I believe we can slowly beat this together as a team.