My anxiety story

My story with anxiety started about two years ago. It all began with a sudden sense of uneasiness and feeling overwhelmed. I felt like I was constantly on edge, unsure of how or why these emotions kept coming up. I didn’t understand why my brain and body were reacting in this way, and it was as if no amount of positive self-talk could make the feelings go away.

The worst part was that I couldn’t seem to figure out what triggered this sudden onset of panic and anxiety. It took me a while before I finally reached out for professional help, but once I did it made all the difference in my journey towards managing my mental health. With the help of counseling sessions and medication, I was finally able to identify and confront the underlying causes of my anxiety.

My biggest accomplishment has been learning to recognize my own triggers now rather than waiting until the last minute before it becomes too overwhelming. Taking care of myself through regular exercise, restful sleep cycles, self-care routines, healthy eating habits ,and developing strong relationships have also helped me immensely in leading a more balanced lifestyle with less episodes of anxiety overall. While I know that anxiety will always be a part of my life, I feel confident that with time and patience I can continue to learn from each experience and face it head on when it arises again.