My anorexia story with halsey

When I first heard Halsey’s song “Nightmare,” I felt understood. She was singing about her own battle with anorexia and suddenly my struggles, my story, was being echoed in a way that finally made me feel less alone. For years I suffered silently with eating disorders, never uttering a word on the subject to anyone for fear of being judged or misunderstood.

I started developing disordered eating behaviors around the age of eighteen when I realized that controlling my food intake brought me a sense of control in my life that was otherwise lacking. Over time it got worse and even though I outwardly lived what appeared to be a perfectly normal life, deep down I was in a constant battle with myself – trying desperately to find peace and contentment within my own skin.

Thankfully hearing Halsey tell her story gave me newfound courage and strength to do something about it. I took steps to overcome my disordered eating habits and get help once and for all instead of just pushing it away like I had always done before. And although there are still days where it can be hard (we all have our bad days) knowing how far I’ve come is their own personal victory for me that will stay with me forever.

I am incredibly thankful that Halsey shared her experience so openly as it helped give strength to countless others who were also struggling in silence. We may come from different walks of life but we are all connected by this shared common bond that can now finally be talked about out loud without judgement or shame - because no matter who you are we’re all human so it’s time we start seeing each other as such.


I can certainly relate to your story as I, too, have struggled with disordered eating habits for years. Hearing Halsey’s song was a powerful reminder that strength comes from knowing that I’m not alone in this and having the courage to seek help. Through therapy as well as some lifestyle changes, I’ve been able to come a long way and am proud of how far I’ve come.

It can be really hard fighting this battle all by oneself day after day, so reaching out to those who understand and support you is key. Even as a 49-year-old man talking about these issues still isn’t easy, but it’s important for me - and others - to have an open dialogue in order to break down stereotypes and stigma. After all, there should be no shame in talking about it, especially if it helps us move forward on our paths towards better mental health.

I can relate to feeling misunderstood and alone when it comes to dealing with disordered eating. I’ve been struggling with my own issues in this area for a long time, and I know too well the fear of judgement that sometimes comes with being open about these struggles.

Hearing Halsey’s honest story gave me hope that it was possible to take control of my eating habits and seek out help if needed. Reaching out was a huge step for me, but it has been an incredible journey ever since - one that has made a world of difference in terms of my mental health and how I see myself today.

It’s so inspiring knowing how many people have been impacted by Halsey’s openness and willingness to talk about her struggles. It shows how powerful we can be when we share our stories without feeling scared or ashamed, because in the end we are all facing similar battles regardless of our age or background.