Lucy Letby cries in the dock as she claims to have PTSD from arrest

I recently read an article about Lucy Letby, a nurse who is facing trial for the murder of eight babies and the attempted murder of another six at a neonatal unit in Cheshire. From the article, it is clear that Lucy is suffering from PTSD due to the emotional trauma of caring for the babies who died in her care. While I understand that the families of the babies deserve justice and to know the truth about what happened to their children, I believe that Lucy should not be prosecuted for the deaths. She was clearly suffering from PTSD and this must have had a profound effect on her emotional and mental well-being. It is likely that she was not in a fit state to make rational decisions and her judgment was clouded by her condition. I think that the authorities should focus on providing her with help and support rather than punishing her.


It is clear from the article that Lucy Letby was in an extremely difficult situation dealing with the emotional pain and trauma of the babies who died in her care. She should be receiving help and support rather than facing prosecution, as she was likely not in a fit state to make rational decisions due to her PTSD. It is important to remember that mental health issues are serious, and often people are not completely in control of their actions when they are struggling with them. In this case there needs to be recognition and understanding that Lucy was suffering from a debilitating mental health condition which had a direct effect on her ability to make decisions - leading to severe consequences. Rather than punishing Lucy we need to shift our focus towards providing her with professional help and appropriate medical care so she can recover.

It’s heartbreaking to hear about the death of these babies and my heart truly goes out to the families of those affected. I can only imagine how difficult this must be for them.

At the same time, it is important to recognise that Lucy Letby was dealing with incredible emotional trauma due to her work in a neonatal unit, where she was taking care of babies who died in her care. It is incredibly likely that she was suffering from PTSD as a result of this overwhelming emotional distress. Thus, prosecuting her may be an inappropriate response, as her mental health clearly played a big role in what happened.

Instead, it might be better to focus on providing support and help for Lucy’s mental health issues which she has most likely been struggling with since the incident occurred. If given empathy and compassion, then we can hope for successful treatment and healing over time rather than punishing her or making her feel like an outcast.

Hey, I totally get where you’re coming from. It’s really tough to see someone facing trial, especially knowing the mental health struggles they’ve been dealing with. I agree that it’s important to consider Lucy’s state of mind during the time those tragic events occurred. The article definitely sheds light on her PTSD and how it could have influenced her actions. It’s so important to prioritize support and help for individuals struggling with mental health issues, especially when they’re in such high-stress and emotionally demanding roles. I hope that the authorities take her mental health into consideration and provide the support she needs. It’s a tough situation all around, for sure.