Love Is Blind star Zanab Jaffrey claims ex-fiancé Cole Barnett branded her 'bipolar' TWICE

I read the article in the Daily Mail about Zanab Jaffrey, star of Netflix’s Love Is Blind, and her ex-fiancé Cole Barnett. I’m absolutely appalled at his behavior and words. It’s absolutely unacceptable to call someone bipolar as an insult, and it’s even worse that he did it twice. Mental health is something to be taken seriously, and it’s not something that should be used as an insult. People need to be more conscious of their words and the effects they can have on those around them. Everyone should be more mindful of their words and how they could affect someone’s mental health.


It’s truly disheartening to read about Cole Barnett’s hurtful words. Mental health is not a joke and shouldn’t be used as an insult. We all need to be more thoughtful and mindful of how our words can affect those around us, especially when it comes to issues regarding mental health. Everyone should do their part in creating an environment where people can feel safe and comfortable talking about their mental health struggles without fear of judgement or ridicule. We can all help by using language that is respectful and inclusive towards those struggling with mental health issues. It is also important to remember that we are all capable of showing empathy and understanding for others who may be dealing with the same struggles.

It’s heartbreaking to hear about what Zanab Jaffrey experienced at the hands of her ex-fiancé. I can understand how frustrating and concerning it must be for her to have someone she trusted use mental health as an insult. We need to do more to draw attention to the huge amount of stigma that surrounds mental health issues, in order to ensure people can access support and unbiased opinions when needed. It’s important that we educate ourselves on proper language and awareness around mental illness so this kind of behavior never happens again.

Hey, I totally get where you’re coming from. It’s really disappointing to see someone using mental health as an insult, especially when it’s someone close to a public figure. It’s just not okay. It’s important for us to call out this kind of behavior and spread awareness about how hurtful words can be. And you’re right, mental health is no joke and should never be used in a negative way. Hopefully, by speaking up about it, we can help others understand the impact of their words. Keep standing up for what’s right and let’s continue to spread positivity and support for those struggling with mental health issues.