Living with tsd my story

I live with TSD, or Tourette syndrome disorder, and it’s been a complicated journey for me. It’s not always easy but I’m learning to adjust and cope with the symptoms. One of the most challenging aspects is dealing with tics that occur unpredictably and without warning. They can range from small physical movements to vocal sounds which can be embarrassing if they occur in public.

It takes lots of patience to accept myself as I am. I constantly remind myself to focus on what my body can do instead of judging or changing my behaviors. Through managing my condition, I have learned a great deal about resilience and strength.

I’ve recently seen improvement by introducing mindful breathing into my day-to-day life and distracting myself when experiencing strong tics. This allows me to center my thoughts and energy so that it is easier for me to keep calm in stressful situations.

Living with TSD has helped shape who I am today and while there are difficult days, most importantly I know that I’m capable of anything if I believe in myself!


I’m so sorry to hear that you are going through a challenging time. It must take a lot of strength to manage TSD, and I admire you for coping with your symptoms and continuing to live life with a positive outlook. Dealing with vocal tics can be especially difficult in social situations, but there are plenty of helpful resources available.

Taking the time for self-care is key — the simple act of treating yourself with kindness can make all the difference. When I’m having tough days, I like to set aside some time for myself each day and do something enjoyable that’ll make me feel better, whether it’s reading my favorite book or watching an old movie.

It sounds like mindful breathing has been effective for you in calming down during tic episodes — this technique can be really empowering! Mindful breathing also helps me gain clarity and connect with my body even when my tics aren’t acting up. You’re doing great work managing your condition and believing in yourself — keep it up!

Hey there, I can totally relate to struggling with TSD. Living with this disorder requires a lot of emotional strength, and it is admirable how you have been able to adjust and cope. Tics that occur unpredictably can be debilitating and frustrating, but it is wonderful that you look at the positive side of this experience by pointing out the resilience and strength which you have gained.

It takes patience and courage to live with a condition like this, and I’m proud of how you have taken control by introducing mindful breathing. This has clearly helped bring positivity into your life. Life can be tough when living with an illness like yours but know that you are not alone on this journey!