Living with soft bipolar disorder

Recently, I’ve come to the realization that I live with soft bipolar disorder. It has been a difficult journey understanding my condition and managing its symptoms.

At first I thought the drastic shifts in my moods could be attributed to just ‘mood swings’. When things were fine, they would start to get really low, and vice versa. I would always blame myself for it and think that these changes were something I couldn’t control or prevent, eventually burying my feelings away and trying to push through them.

It was only when I started talking to a therapist about my symptoms that everything made sense. With their help, I can now take better control of my condition by implementing coping mechanisms like talking about how I feel or changing up my routine with activities to alleviate stress. This has helped me to recognize when things are starting to go uphill or downhill faster than usual, giving me time to prepare for it instead of letting it take me by surprise.

It’s been relieving coming face-to-face with this disorder and getting assistance from those who understand it. By being mindful of how I’m feeling and being proactive about treatments has truly changed the way I perceive life now. Living with soft bipolar disorder doesn’t have to define me; instead it’s a part of me that can be managed with patience and positivity every day.