Living with post traumatic stress

Sometimes it takes time to realize that something isn’t right. For me, I thought that the racing heart, the intense flashbacks and the nightmares were things I could just power through on my own. I was living with post traumatic stress and didn’t even know it. The symptoms kept me up at night when they appeared out of nowhere. My friends saw a change in my personality, but denied what was going on until I got help.

This is why it’s so important to talk about difficult experiences - to reach out for help before your coping mechanisms become too damaging. Professional help has been a blessing due to its ability to teach empowering tools for managing PTSD. It has allowed me to learn how to move forward and develop ways to release these traumatic memories in a healthier way than suppressing them or letting them control me.

Having post traumatic stress doesn’t define me, but understanding it has given me new perspectives and viewpoints on the world around me. No matter what we experience in life we have an opportunity to use our pain as strength and guidance. Reaching out for help changed my life for the better - don’t wait - find your path today!