Living with ocd: my experience and what i've learned

Living with OCD can be a real challenge. When I first realized I was dealing with an issue that wouldn’t allow me to “just snap out of it”, I thought maybe it was all in my head and that I could push through it on my own. That’s when I realized how wrong I was.

Managing the compulsions, intrusive thoughts and feelings associated with OCD can feel like you’re going through it all alone, which only makes the symptoms worse. It’s been hard to take a step back and let myself process what’s happening, to understand why I might have such intense urges and so much mental chatter in my head causing me anxiety over normal daily tasks. Doing some of the simplest everyday things can become drudgery for someone living with OCD.

I’ve learned a few things about co-existing with this disorder since then though: patience is key; reaching out for help isn’t a sign of weakness; understanding you’re not responsible or in control of every little detail is imperative; and allowing yourself time to decompress can also be extremely beneficial. It took time, but bit by bit knowledge has given me the tools necessary to figure out how to manage and live better on the day-to-day basis while co-existing with OCD.