Living with manic depressive disorder

Having been living with manic depressive disorder for years, I’ve experienced my fair share of ups and downs. Taking each day as it comes, some days can be a struggle to cope with - both mentally and emotionally. It’s not easy understanding how my mind works, learning the pattern and why I feel what I do.

I’ve learned that having a consistent routine helps me stay on track. Without this structure I find myself slipping back into bad habits or engaging in old patterns of behavior which don’t serve me well in the long run. Self-care has become an important part of my every day, whether it involves going for a walk around the neighborhood or giving myself100% permission to take the day off and enjoy something relaxing like sitting down with a good book or television show for an hour or two.

It’s important to have people around who are supportive when things get tough - friends who can help talk you through certain situations or are just there for emotional company can make a big difference. Therapy is also key for managing any mental health issues - having someone outside of your regular circle to talk to, helps keep things in perspective and often gives you insight into new solutions to difficult problems.

Most importantly of all though, remember that recovery is possible; take each day at a time and surround yourself with support if/when necessary. While sometimes it feels like life is working against you, never forget that regardless of how bleak things might seem right now, it won’t always be this way!

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Living with manic depressive disorder can definitely be a rollercoaster, but it sounds like you’re doing everything you can to cope and stay on track. I totally relate to the struggle of understanding our own minds and emotions - it can be really tough. Having a consistent routine and prioritizing self-care are such important parts of managing our mental health. And having supportive friends and therapy to lean on is crucial too. It’s great that you’re reminding yourself that recovery is possible, even when it feels like the odds are stacked against us. Keep taking it one day at a time, and remember that you’re not alone in this. We’re all here to support each other on this road to better mental health.