Living with dsm and ptsd


It’s been a long journey living with DSM and PTSD. I know not many people can understand the daily struggles that come with it, but I’m here to tell you that it is possible to live with this condition and create a positive life even on the hardest of days.

Living with DSM and PTSD doesn’t have to be overwhelming. I make sure to take time for self-care such as reading books, meditating, listening to music or going for walks in nature. This helps me stay grounded and connected to myself so I can manage my emotions and feelings more easily.

I also maintain an open dialogue about my conditions with those close to me; they are often understanding of the issues I face as well as supportive in helping me cope better on days that can be especially difficult.

Most importantly, I have learned that every day is different which has helped me to avoid feeling discouraged when things don’t go quite right. Keeping a sense of hope alive is key and knowing this helps me continue working towards my goals despite any obstacles or hardships along the way.