Living with depression - my experience

I’ve been dealing with depression for many years now, and it’s not so easy to talk about. It may seem like I’m living a normal life on the outside, but inside I’m struggling with a sadness I don’t want anyone to know. This doesn’t explain why I withdraw or why my mood swings so often, but it’s the reality that I deal with every day.

I find myself getting overwhelmed and stressed out about things that wouldn’t normally bother me and this is just one of the issues that comes along with depression. I am constantly comparing myself to others and feel this constant fear of “not being good enough” to do anything or go anywhere. It’s hard for me to even make simple decisions because of how lost and incapable I feel inside.

Fortunately, there are some ways that help me manage my depression in a healthier way; self-care is one of them. Whether it’s taking time away from the world or simply pampering myself once in awhile, these small acts have made an impact on my overall mental health. In addition, journaling has also proven beneficial since it gives me an outlet to reflect on my feelings instead of holding them in until they become too much to bear.

Most importantly, talking openly about my experience with family members and close friends has been the most beneficial form of therapy for me. Just having someone who can listen without judgement when times get tough has made such a huge difference in tackling this disorder head-on.

Depression can be really hard to conquer, but it doesn’t have to define you. There are always better days ahead if you keep fighting!