Living with bipolar - my story

I’ve always had a bad temper, but I never thought it was anything serious until my mid-twenties. I started suffering from intense mood swings and found myself quickly spiraling out of control. I used to feel manic during the day and exhausted at night with regular bouts of depression in between. It got to the point where I really struggled to cope with everyday life.

But it wasn’t until I sought help that I learned about being bipolar. With the help of medication, therapy, and plenty of understanding from family and friends, I was able to start regaining control of my moods.

One of the main challenges for me has been accepting that this is something I’ll face for the rest of my life. That doesn’t mean letting it take over completely though - living with bipolar disorder means learning how to manage your symptoms and still be productive in society. Managing triggers, keeping healthy habits like regular exercise, and making sure you’re in contact with a support network are all important steps in containment.

I’m by no means saying it’s easy — it’s hard work sometimes. But also acknowledging those difficult times is just as important as recognizing when things are going well too. There have been great moments since discovering my condition – moments that make life’s struggles worth facing head on every single day!