Living with Bipolar: My Female Experience

When I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, it felt like my world had turned upside down. I had never considered the possibility of having a mental illness but here I was facing a new reality. It wasn’t easy coming to terms with being diagnosed and living with this condition.

I’ve been actively seeking treatment ever since. Both therapy and medication have been helpful in managing some of the symptoms that come with bipolar disorder – like extreme mood swings, heightened emotions, racing thoughts, feeling anxious or “wired.” While these treatments have helped me experience relief during manic or depressive episodes, I often find myself struggling to maintain a sense of control and balance in my everyday life.

It can be isolating living with this condition - knowing you can never be sure how you’ll feel or think from one moment to the next. Without proper support it can be difficult to open up about your struggles and process them appropriately. The guidance from family, friends, doctors and counseling helps build a resilient mindset which makes dealing with the difficulties of bipolar much easier over time.

In addition to professional help, finding activities that bring joy into my life has been essential in keeping the highs and lows manageable. Exercise, yoga, journaling, coloring - whatever activity brings me peace and serenity helps me shut out all the pandemonium when things get too overwhelming.

The road will never be perfectly smooth but I continue to seek solace in the steps I’m taking each day towards better sentiment health - both physically and emotionally. Learning more about my unique reaction to different treatments and attitudes is a journey that will always remain ongoing as no two people are quite alike when it comes to treating this illness.