Living with bipolar 1 disorder: my story

My bipolar 1 story starts back when I was in my late teens. My energy levels were through the roof and I found myself constantly on edge because of that. I would do things without thinking, have dramatic mood swings, and feel frustrated much of the time. I started to notice that these feeling weren’t normal, and eventually decided to talk to a doctor about it.

That was how I was diagnosed with bipolar 1 disorder. It wasn’t something I ever wanted to hear, but knowing what was wrong finally gave me the courage to face it head-on. In treatment, I slowly learned how to control my emotions and manage my condition enough that it didn’t interfere too much with my life.

I still have good days and bad days, but now I can recognize when a bad episode is on the horizon and prepare for it accordingly. Learning new coping mechanisms has been essential in managing my moods and keeping things somewhat stable. Exercise has also played an important role; which really helps with all the mixed feelings that come up during bouts of depression or manic episodes.

Living with this disorder doesn’t define me and doesn’t have to be a limitation in my life if managed properly. My goal is to take each day as it comes, doing whatever needs to be done as effectively as possible no matter what state of mind I am in at any given moment!