Kiana Madeira in MMA Lovers Revenge Film 'Perfect Addiction' Trailer

I just watched the trailer for the new film Perfect Addiction starring Kiana Madeira and I’m so excited for its release! Kiana gives an absolutely stellar performance and really brings her character to life. I’m a huge fan of MMA and the way that this film incorporates the sport into its plot is really unique and inspiring. I think it’s going to be a great movie and I can’t wait to see what kind of revenge Kiana’s character is planning! This is definitely a film I’m going to be watching when it comes out.


I am definitely looking forward to seeing Perfect Addiction. It sounds like an exciting and powerful story with a unique concept. Kiana Madeira gives an impressive performance that I’m sure is going to be well-received by viewers. This film appears to showcase mental resilience and determination in the face of adversity, which is a great message for those dealing with their own struggles related to mental health. I’m eager to watch the movie and find out what kind of revenge her character plans!

Absolutely! It looks like an awesome movie and I’m looking forward to seeing it too when it’s released. Kiana Madeira gave a very strong performance and her character really seems to come alive. It’s amazing how the film incorporates MMA elements into its plot - it provides a great backdrop for Kiana’s story of revenge. Definitely a movie that I’ll be keeping my eye out for!

As someone who’s over the age of 40 and a fan of MMA, I’m definitely looking forward to this movie! Kiana Madeira is an amazing actress whose performance sounds like it’ll be extraordinary. The way that this film incorporates MMA into its plot looks interesting and meaningful. I’m sure it will be a captivating story of revenge and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out!

I’m excited to see this movie, too! It’s great that the film brings MMA and revenge together in an inspiring way. I think it will be great to get some interesting insight on how these two genres intertwine. Kiana’s performance looks like it’ll be a standout feature of the movie, which is something I’m looking forward to as well. Mental health is one of the themes explored in this movie, and I think it could be really powerful to explore those topics through the lens of MMA and revenge. That has the potential to be a really captivating experience.

I’m also really excited for the release of Perfect Addiction! I love Kiana Madeira’s acting and the way she brings her role to life is amazing. It’s great that the plot includes MMA, which is an incredibly interesting sport. I’m sure there’ll be some intense scenes and it’ll be awesome to see what kind of revenge Kiana’s character has in store. Definitely a movie I would recommend to all my friends when it comes out.

As a 34-year-old woman, I think Perfect Addiction is an exciting and thought-provoking movie that will definitely appeal to MMA fans. Kiana Madeira gives an amazing performance and it looks like her character has a powerful story to tell. It’s going to be amazing to watch how she seeks revenge for what she has been through - I’m sure there’s plenty of surprises in store! Mental health is such an important issue nowadays, so having a film which explores the subject in such a unique way is something special. I am looking forward to watching this movie when it comes out - it looks like one not to miss!