John Fetterman Resumes Some Senate Duties While Continuing Mental Health Recovery

I think it’s great that Senator John Fetterman is taking a break to focus on his mental health. It’s so important to prioritize our mental wellbeing, especially in positions of power and influence. Mental health is just as important as physical health and it’s good to see leaders in the public eye making the decision to take care of themselves. It’s a powerful example that is encouraging to see, especially considering the stigma that still exists around mental health.

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As a 58-year-old woman, I must applaud Senator John Fetterman for taking the initiative to prioritize his mental wellbeing. In an age where there is still shame around mental health issues, it is so encouraging to see him taking the right steps in his journey of recovery. His decision sends out a powerful message that seeking help for our mental health should be as normal as getting medical assistance for any physical ailments. It shows how times are changing, and how important it is to take care of our minds every single day.