I am addicted to my cell phone

Hi everyone,

I am writing to share something that has been weighing on my mind. I am addicted to my phone and it is impacting my life in a negative way.

I spend most of my free time scrolling through social media, checking emails, and playing games on my phone. I have even found myself reaching for my phone in the middle of the night, just to check for notifications.

I know that this addiction is not healthy and that it is taking a toll on my relationships, my work, and my overall well-being. I am constantly distracted and have trouble focusing on anything else. I have also noticed that I am more irritable and anxious when I am not on my phone.

I want to break this addiction and reclaim my life, but I am not sure how. I have tried setting limits for myself and using apps to track my phone usage, but I always end up going back to my old habits.

Has anyone else here struggled with a phone addiction? If so, I would love to hear your experiences and advice. How did you know that you needed help? How did you break the addiction? What helped you along the way?



I can definitely relate to what you’re going through. It can be difficult to break a phone addiction, especially because our phones have become such a central part of our lives. But it’s important to remember that you’re not alone and that there are steps you can take to break this addiction and improve your overall well-being.

First, it’s important to recognize that you have a problem and that you want to make a change. This can be a difficult step, but it’s an important one. Once you’ve acknowledged your addiction, you can start taking concrete steps to break it.

One thing you can try is setting specific times for using your phone, and sticking to those times. For example, you could allow yourself to use your phone for 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening, but not during the day. This can help you break the habit of constantly checking your phone and can give you more control over your phone usage.