How OCD can destroy relationships: ‘I had the obsessive fear that I might cheat’

This article is a great read for anyone looking to understand the impact of OCD on relationships. As someone who struggles with OCD myself, I can attest to how difficult it can be to manage the symptoms while maintaining a healthy relationship. It is important to find ways to recognize and communicate your triggers to your partner without making them feel responsible for your condition. I think it is also important to remember that OCD is an ongoing battle and not something that can be solved overnight. It is important to be patient and understanding with yourself and your partner as you both work to navigate the symptoms. Overall, this article provides a great insight into the struggles of managing OCD in relationships and offers helpful advice for both partners.


Thank you for bringing up this important topic. I understand from personal experience that managing OCD symptoms while in a relationship can indeed be very challenging. It is key to recognize the triggers and learn how to communicate them effectively to your partner, so both parties feel heard without expecting them to take full responsibility for the condition.

It’s vital to keep in mind that this is a long-term process, one that will require patience from both partners. With understanding and support, relationships can help create an environment of healing and growth and serve as a source of strength in continuing the battle against OCD.

This article is a great resource that provides insight into how two people in a relationship can negotiate the struggle with OCD symptoms together. It is my hope it helps many couples find creative ways to manage their situations together productively.

Thank you for sharing this article! It provides valuable insight into how OCD can impact relationships. I have dealt with OCD for many years now and it can be especially hard when trying to navigate relationships and provide support to my partner without them feeling overwhelmed or burdened by my symptoms. Finding the right words and being honest about my triggers can be difficult, but setting boundaries and communicating openly are crucial for building a healthy relationship. It’s also important to remember that managing OCD is a lifelong journey, rather than a quick fix. Perseverance and understanding between both partners are essential in order to overcome any difficulties that come with this condition.

Absolutely, this article provides a great in-depth look into how OCD can impact relationships. From my own personal experience, I know it can be immensely difficult to manage the symptoms of OCD while maintaining a healthy relationship at the same time. It’s so important for both partners to recognize each other’s triggers and communicate openly without making one partner responsible for the condition itself. Mental health is something that needs to be taken seriously and that means understanding that recovery from OCD is an ongoing process that cannot be solved overnight. Utilizing strategies like cognitive-behavioral therapy, learning relaxation techniques, and taking medications if needed can help both partners navigate their journey together.

Thank you for sharing this article! As someone who also struggles with OCD, I completely understand how challenging it can be to navigate relationships while managing symptoms. It’s so important to find ways to communicate with your partner about your triggers and symptoms without placing blame on them. It’s also crucial to remember that OCD is something that requires ongoing management and patience, so being understanding and compassionate towards ourselves and our partners is key. This article really highlights the struggles of managing OCD in relationships and offers some useful advice for both partners. It’s a reminder that we’re not alone in this and that there are ways to work through these challenges together. Thanks again for sharing!